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Are you a risk-averse person? You are always too cautious about your safety and the protection of the environment. Well, if that is the case, you can have all the necessary arrangements under one roof. Ibuilders will improve the existing structure of your buildings making them energy efficient and earthquake resistant. Our valuable clients always come to us for their various problems and issues of their existing buildings to increase their energy efficiency, control carbon emissions and save cost.
Our installed intrusion helps in improving comfort levels and mitigates greenhouse emissions. The sense of protecting the environment targets the self-esteem of the clients from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Getting to retrofit from us will bring several benefits for you like.

  • Improved indoor environmental quality
  • Decreased moisture penetration
  • Reduced mould

Creative Designs

Competitive Price

Management & Support

Eventually, overall health and productivity increase. But if you are worried about finances and think that it is going to be costly, let us correct you, no it is not at all. You can share your overall budget with us and your reservations, we are here with our professional team to work out the best possible plan for you within your budget constraint.
We will consider the need for natural ventilation and high-performance windows for the required climate and exposure. For commercial constructions like bridges, our restructuring makes them more seismic-resistant as well resistant against natural calamities. 
Retrofitting is another name of modernization and we are all set to transform your buildings from traditional ones to highly modern and equipped with the latest technology.

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